Long overdue post-Climategate (Nov 2009) revision of this "front page" in Mar 2010.  You can email me: wshblog2013  ATSINE  warwickhughes.com
I started reviewing Prof Jones work in 1991 and I have a timeline of my work and published papers in those early years - many links.   People have asked me how I got started looking into temperature data.
I first got curious about GW through media reports up to 1990 and wanted to check Australian data for myself - at that point I had never used a PC.   I went into the BoM in Lonsdale Street and paid for hard copy printouts of stations from here and there - no idea how I selected sites - just places I knew and maybe the counter staff suggested stations. I drew a series of charts on graph paper and seeing a variety of disparate trends - being unable to find GW - showed them to some ex mining industry contacts. One guy gave me an intro to people at the Tasman Institute in the Melb CBD and about April 1991 I breezed in there with these hand drawn charts and showed a staffer - who said; "..you will have to get all this material onto disk - you can come in here and learn to use a PC."
They gave me a little cubbie of a desk and a 286 PC with Win3.1 and I began pestering staff as to how to get some work out of this box thing. Anyway - the worst phase probably only took a few weeks and I could get some work out of Excel - my early data was entered to disk from my sheaf of hard copies printouts.  Sometime in winter 91 I made contacts in the BoM and somebody gave me a copy of the US DoE TR027 report - which details - station by station - Jones et al Southern Hemisphere compilation of GW.
The Australian component of their Appendix A - was my basic source to track down Australian long term stations - I built on from there - for example work done building the data for the Balling, Idso & Hughes 1992 paper - that caused the BoM so much heartburn.
This work lead on to my construction of the two contrasting temperature histories from circa 1882, Graph 1 for 25 regional and remote Australian stations  and Graph 2 for the six Australian capital cities.
I have never said that all the pre-1900 data is pefect - but I think that for high order stations -  from 1882 it was mainly collected in the Stevenson Screen - and it is preferable that it be shown and we do not censor out much of our climate history - as the BoM and CSIRO do recently. The BoM have the time and resources to show by station comparisons that this or that 19C data is faulty - but in 20 years they have never done this.
Other Southern Hemisphere regions show this late 19C warmth, NZ, Fiji, far sth Sth America and the African station Bulawayo - an Observatory  with data from 1897.
About a decade ago I started putting my work on the www - early sites are lost now I think but the front page "Global Warming" survives here.
Still a good introduction to my main issues  with Jones  / IPCC work.. Check down the green links on left.  City Reviews takes you to many instances of urban heat island UHI contamination of city temperature data  still used by Jones/UKMO/IPCC.
5 Degree Grid Cell reviews  takes you to another way of showing the constant bias in Jones/UKMO/IPCC temperature data.
These include my  online paper USSR High Magnitude Climate Warming Anomalies 1901-1996  which  points out that IPCC GW is mainly USSR GW due to dodgy data analysis.  Note the Russians are now coming out and saying that UKMO/Jones treatment of their station data is biased.
About 2003 I started warwickhughes.com  and that evolved to have the front page you see below with many links in the large table. Some still take you to active pages where work is being added;  some take you to pages frozen in time.
In late 2005 I started my blog Errors in IPCC Climate Science (with huge help from volunteers), where the vast majority of my work goes now.  I suggest for anyone wanting to catch up on post Climategate goings on just browse through the Archive of  linked months on the left starting November 2009.
The blog Categories are worth checking too down on the left, I have done a lot of work debunking media, Govt and BoM rubbish  about rainfall - under the Water. category on left.
My latest work at the blog  is taking readers step by step - pointing out questionable science in the  Jones et al 1986 huge hemispheric papers  that birthed  IPCC global warmimg  as we now know it.  Questionable science that should have been the subject of journal comments in 1986-87.   This work will continue all 2010 at least..  Basic resources and data  for getting to understand what  Jones et al did in the early years is all linked off this 20th Anniversary Review page.
Thats enough for now to direct new readers who might stumble over www.warwickhughes.com and be puzzled  where everything is.
I am well in my 60's now and can only do a small part of what I would like to do - I need staff.  I also have to earn money - live and do other things.  I am sorry I am no Shakespeare and if anybody wants to help by rewriting some of my material - go to it please and email me.
Now you can go across to the blog and it is easy to leave a comment if you want to.  Thanks to my steady band of blog participants.


Under here is mainly pre-2006

Link page that takes you to the research of  Warwick Hughes, free lance earth scientist from Australia.  Exposing situations where unsound science is used to prop up fashionable and expensive policy  notions, usually policy coloured a shade of  Green. Guest papers are clearly identified.

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Chart of the year: There never was a rain shortage to justify seawater desalination for Perth’s water supply

The Western Australian Government through its various bureaucracies has opted for seawater desalination to solve Perth's supposed water crisis.  Read how obvious available natural water sources are ignored and basic science such as rainfall history has for years become the subject of lies, spin and propaganda,  now that desalination is "the chosen way".
Email me if you know of other cases where desalination is being oversold .    
Email me: wshblog2013  ATSINE  warwickhughes.com

Will  NSW taxpayers waste $Billions on the desalination option for Sydney water supply ?  The Govt might do anything except sensibly augmenting the dams that have served  Sydney so well for 100 years.  see link top left for rainfall history

Dr Jennifer Marohasy of Gt. Barrier Reef and Murray-Darling fame at the IPA has just started her Blog; a site to watch over time.

Do not miss ClimateAudit, blog on the downfall of the "hockey stick" millenial scale temperature graphic.  
New page looking into evidence bearing on the rate of extinction of species.

                                              With a $Million,  Australian Parliamentarians can not get it right.  
New:Coolwire 15  exposes wrong statements about drought in ABC TV documentary "Remembering Rain", Coolwire 14 extends through 2005 critiques of pathetic inaccurate BoM Outlook 90 day temperature predictions started in Coolwire 8.  Coolwire 13 critiques David Parker's "Large-scale warming is not urban" and reports on start of campaign to take New Zealand out of the Kyoto Accord. Coolwire 11 gets at the truth behind sensationalist Oxford University climate modelling claims that a rise in temperature of 11 degrees C is possible this century.   Worst drought ever Explodes Myths about the 2002 Australian drought.   Coolwire 10 explores Alaskan heat islands thanks to  Dr Willis Eschenbach.   Coolwire8  and Drought pages updated with latest hopeless BoM model "Outlook" results for rainfall and temperature. Look in Perth Water page for our questions to Water Corporation.   Facts on Manjimup rainfall history to help WaterCorp.       Visit www.JarrahBark.com interesting online Forum based SE of Perth.
Geologist Harry Horvath critiques Victorian Govt. greenhouse policy

Climate change and Greenhouse issues, big issues here leading to massive waste of taxpayers money on bloated and biased science bureaucracies, costly efforts to reduce carbon emissions,  silly inefficient windmills.  In a nutshell, if you want electricity shortages and more expensive electricity, then voting Green will help you.
In the 90's the Court Government in Western Australia cancelled the building of a coal fired generating unit at Collie. What a great idea, keeps the Greens happy, who can be surprised when peak demand time brings massive power cuts and brown-outs. The present Govt. seems to think that windmills are a solution.  Voters should be telling the Govt. to put in a coal fired power station at Collie.

Map of the month, Australian Bureau of Meteorology 3 month Rainfall "Outlook" or prediction. "Reduced winter rainfall more likely in parts of southern Australia", opines the BoM on May 17. See the actual VERY DIFFERENT result. To browse month after month with prediction on left, real world outcome on right.  Could the BoM run a chook raffle ?.   Temperatures are at  Coolwire 8 what price climate models ?

Drought in Australia,  rainfall histories presented,  unreliable  media claims about drought are exposed.  Read about solar cycle based based prediction of future ENSO events which indicates La Nina condition later in 2004 which is better news for agriculture than El Nino. 

Perth, Western Australia water supply issues including  WA Govt plan to build "White Elephant"  desalination plant. Read how the water shortage Perth is currently experiencing is simply a product of steadily rising consumption colliding with political neglect of engineering infrastucture and a failure to anticipate normal cyclic dry periods.  But who would be in there opposing new engineering works, you guessed it, the Greens.
A major negative factor has been neglecting to manage forest catchments through thinning forest and clearing scrub and undergrowth, processes which would increase runoff and which the Greens naturally oppose on wildlife grounds. So once again, if you want water shortages and look forward to the  prospect of paying more for water, vote Green. 

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia water supply issues, read about new Govt. policy based on scary and implausible CSIRO climate models, while misrepresenting real world rainfall history.

Petrol price issues, how Australian pump prices trend up over  three years while world oil price trends down in A$. Not all the Greens fault here but they contribute by pushing for increasing petrol quality which makes it more difficult for independent importers to get competitive supplies.  This new petrol quality standard will go national in a year or so and will result in more upward pressure on pump prices; -- if voters do not tell their politicians to shelve the plan.

Air Quality:   Read how city air quality has been improving for decades.  Yet we still read Green inspired doom and gloom stories in the media saying air quality is a serious problem and that our bad air quality is causing thousands of deaths.  And I understood our life expectancy has been increasing for centuries.  A question I would like answered by these claiming current air pollution is causing a statistically significant increase in the death rate, "..where were they hiding the bodies in the 1960's and 70's when AQ was a lot worse than it is now..? "

Read critique of  weaknesses and omissions in new April 2004 Canberra Govt. report "State of the Air"  (SOTA).

Urban and Tropospheric  Ozone, a major component of smog, is widely believed to form from pollutant precurssors (such as NOx oxides of nitrogen produced during combustion, (read auto engines and power plants).  However the more I examine data the more I am convinced that this is not the whole story and that much tropospheric (lower atmosphere) ozone, which includes urban ozone of course, is in fact natural in origin, the product of  peak afternoon temperatures on hot days acting on reactive particles in the air which are very often chemicals given off from vegetation, forests, sea foam and soil, not necessarily in urban areas at all.  Air monitoring data are discussed from France, California and Perth, Western Australia which indicate much peak ozone is natural and can not be logically attributed to combustion pollutants.

The road toll: Looks at the history of Australian road fatality statistics, discusses concept of "collision enhancing actions",  questions if  the huge emphasis put on minor speed infractions is justified,  proposes many new actions we could take to  reduce the road toll. 

I can be emailed at wshblog2013  ATSINE  warwickhughes.com

Links to outside sites:

Sites drawing attention to faulty science across a range of subjects:

Acerbic Anti-Green blog by Dr John Ray of Brisbane. Wide range of articles all homing in quickly on Green fallacies.

ClimateAudit Weblog by Stephen McIntyre and Ross McKittrick,  destroyers of the infamous "hockey stick"

Institute of Public Affairs. In their Environment section see the Jennifer Marohasy demolition of Green / media view of  Murray River, and Great Barrier Reef.

Bizarre Science by Dr Aaron Oakley and Louis Hissink is an informative, entertaining and very readable weblog site detailing case after case where sound scientific principles take a back seat.

Dryland Salinity Action Plan developed by  Agritech, Peter Coyne's group

Steve Milloy's huge site debunks all manner of Green and Govt. myths and lies.

Numberwatch by John Brignell, highlights misleading use of statistics and general media ignorance where politicians, science, numbers & stats  are concerned. Witty and rapier sharp.

Karl Popper, Hayek, and Bartley's philosophies. Insights by Rafe Champion.  Something a little off the main track for us science types. Take Rafe's link to "full index", scroll down to Short Reviews, several on science subjects.

The Scientific Alliance, another web site putting balancing views on science and environment issues, solid and very British. http://www.scientific-alliance.com

Track all grain and commodity prices

Qld DPI Long Paddock for El Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO) actual daily values with 30 and 90 day rolling averages.

SEPP: Dr Fred Singer's Science and Environment Policy Project, publishes The Week That Was (TWTW), critiques a  range of environment science issues each week, pricks many balloons, not to be missed.

Shoshone Natural Resources Coalition, Shoshone County, Idaho A group of citizens and scientists convinced that, "that local citizens needed to take action, voice their opinions, and effectively influence natural resource decisions being made by federal agencies for the resources that are found in Shoshone County.

Weblog monitoring coverage of environmental issues and science in the UK media. By Professor Emeritus Philip Stott. The aim is to assess whether a subject is being fairly covered by press, radio, and television. Will focus on science, but not just on poor science. It will also bring to public notice good science that is being ignored because it may be politically inconvenient.

Tech Central Station - where free markets meet technology, a huge resource of articles on science and environment   http://www.techcentralstation.com/

Air quality and tropospheric ozone:

Australian Government survey of air quality history from all cities, "State of the Air" has many weaknesses and shortcomings but it is a start. 

Joel Schwartz dot com many  sound articles on air quality subjects, "..a breath of fresh air.."

Melbourne Victoria Australia air quality improving over decades

Kwinana Western  Australia industrial district near Perth, air quality improving over decades

Cockburn Association of Pragmatists.(CAPS)  Details how  issues surrounding air quality in Kwinana, the Perth W.A. main industrial district, generate media reports from the far side. Read how the local "EPA" looks to be helping Green groups promulgate their inventive complaints time after time, via a pliant or lazy media. No,  CAPS is not inventing this stuff.

NASA telling us about the urban heat island, wonderful pictures of infra-red inages from satellites. Click on Air Quality for very good vertical section of ozone content across the Knoxville UHI in USA. Like a flower the UHI / pollution plume rises a couple of thousand metres.

California Air Resources Board (ARB), will mail a data CD if you ask.

Western Australia Department of Environment in Perth, annual AQ reports for download

French air monitoring, you can make maps (try modelisation link), even get limited data auto emailed to you.

ASL web site, huge amount of reading and information


Greenhouse / Climate change issues:

Argentinean Foundation for a Scientific Ecology has a page building where you can examine State by State a graphic of  all temperature records (1500 odd) in the USA Historical Climate Network ( HCN ) dataset. A Herculean labour indeed.  Many other interesting articles on their site.

Balling Central:  Homepage of  noted climate scientist, and greenhouse skeptic Professor Robert Balling Jr. Dozens of  links including to most of his papers.

Paal Brekkes solar site, interesting info on sun's impact on climate change.

Center for the Study of  Carbon Dioxide and Global Change.   Challenging reviews and  articles.  Very good "Subject Index" page where material on a wide range of climate topics can be located.

Timo Hämeranta M.LL., Moderator of Climatesceptics

If you are interested in the greenhouse debate you can not miss the late John Daly's comprehensive website
Waiting for Greenhouse
.   Bigger than Ben Hur and more useful.

Economist Alan Oxley's concise and to the point Climate Change Backgrounder

New site in 2002 by Hans Erren of The Netherlands who has analysed UHI's in the historically significant De Bilt and Uccle data and shown relationship to population.  Also shows how De Bilt has been composited. We look forward to more revelations about European UHI's.  Also much thoughtful analysis of carbon dioxide and climate history.

Goddard Institute for Space Studies,  (GISS)  Dr Jim Hansen's magnificent web creation where you clik on a global map and can see a graph of the  temperature record of your chosen station, can also choose the dataset and can even download the table of data.

Greening Earth Society.   Site packed with topical articles re greenhouse, global warming issues. Look for John Daly's paper on tide gauges,  sea levels, IPCC version of science etc.

Hockey Stick Graph of global temperature trends for the last millenia now utterly discredited.  The Mediaeval Warm Period did happen after all.

Dr. Douglas Hoyt thoughtfully discusses many aspects of the various global temperature datasets, take a coffee into this one.

A link for IPCC output where you should find the Summary for Policymakers.

Ice Core CO2 content, summary paper by Zbigniew Jaworowski, Another Global Warming Fraud Exposed:  For more detailed 1997 paper get your Visa Card out and go to https://www.21stcenturysciencetech.com/  Spring Vol 10 No 1 

Site by Peter Krahmer, said to be the German John Daly.  What more can I say.

The Lavoisier Group., New Australian greenhouse sceptics group. Look in "papers" for pdf file with interesting exchange of letters with Dr Pearman, head of CSIRO Div of  Atmospheric Research.  CSIRO is the Oz version of NOAA.  New paper by Bob Foster,  download in pdf.

This NASA site, "Contrary Thermometers"  discusses the difference between lower troposphere and surface temperatures.  New in July. signs that the NASA Goliath might yet figure out the connection between,  urban temperature records, the Urban Heat Island effect (UHI)  and "Global Warming".  Great potential but their first effort on 21, July  needs editing.  P.S. 28, July. Yep, the editor has been at work.

NASA   2000  "Culprits of  Climate Change"  Explains Dr. Jim Hansen's new position.

NASA Top Stories, selections from NASA research, good archive, some surprises here

Another branch of the far flung  NASA  Empire, this time with convenient site where you see an image map in red and blue of global temperature anomalies from 1979, collected by satellite, you can choose various layers of the atmosphere and by clicking on the map or making a rectangle with your mouse, can see a graph for that area.

NATIONAL TIDAL FACILITY AUSTRALIA at  The Flinders University of South Australia for Australian and pacific sea level history data. They say Australian sea level is rising at a miserly 0.3 mm pa. http://www.ntf.flinders.edu.au/

New Little Ice Age Instead of Global Warming?   by the late Dr. Theodor Landscheidt

Klaus Öllerer's Newsletters on climate science issues

Gary D. Sharp,  Center for Climate/Ocean Resources Study.  Lots of provocative ideas and data, long term climate change, ice ages, solar & orbital influences.  Examples of how we often do not understand  mans place in the environment.

Viewpoint Paper on Atmospheric  Carbon Dioxide
"Does CO2 really drive global warming? by Robert Essenhigh. Chemical Innovation 2001, 31 (5), 44-46. Copyright (c) 2001 American Chemical Society. This article expresses the views of the author and not necessarily those of Chemical Innovation magazine or the American Chemical Society."

INQUA Commission on Sea Level Changes and Coastal Evolution, whose President is Professor Nils-Axel Mörner of Sweden. Under the title "Research Topics 5: The expected sea level changes in the next century", the Commission says:
This is a topic of much controversy. … As it is now, the scenarios are primarily presented by people with little or no specialization in sea level research. This is especially true for the IPCC project where "sea level changes" are treated in ways far away from proper observational records.
Sounds like the IPCC I know.

World Climate Report: Professor Pat Michaels and colleagues exposing inadequate climate science and all sorts of new material.


Track all grain and commodity prices

Qld DPI Long Paddock for El Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO) actual daily values with 30 and 90 day rolling averages.

ENSO Prediction Based on Solar Cycles
 Dr. Theodor Landscheidt has a good track record with the last few ENSO events.

New Columbia University model claiming stunning success predicting ENSO

The Bureau of Meteorology (Australian) rainfall outlook page
Forecast ENSO page;

Water Resources / Rainfall:

Australian Dams database, large archive of historic information

Bureau of Meteorology FTP site, Australian high quality rainfall data 379 stations, but maybe ~300 updated thru 2003

Global Historical Climate Network data

Adelaide Hills, much local rain data and weather photos

Indian Ocean site by Jean-Luc Le Blanc

Perth Water Users for those reluctant to contribute the Government "white elephant" desalination plant

Jacobs Perth Climate data pages, links to real time weather observations

Follow link on right to "Snowfall Augmentation by Cloud Seeding", many pdf reports to read note Searle 2002.

Ryan and Sadler overview of cloud seeding in Australia                                          http://www.dar.csiro.au/publications/cloud.htm

CSIRO media man Paul Holper's summary of cloud seeding.

Northwest Cloudbands, site by Nicola Telcik UWA scientist

The Water Corporation, administers WA water supplies. Look in downloadable reports for useful info.

Scripps Institution of Oceanography, research projects of Dr. Warren B. White, including  forecasts for global rainfall.
http://jedac.ucsd.edu/PERSONNEL/WHITE/index.html    his home page
http://jedac.ucsd.edu/PROJECTS/index.html    papers by Dr White
http://jedac.ucsd.edu/acw/    his Antarctic Circumpolar Wave web pages

Viacorp, background on Perth water supply

WA Water and Rivers Commission, much rainfall, river flow and groundwater data, little that is long term

Water Forum, new web site with what the Government wants us to know.

Road Toll

Association of British Drivers Excellent comprehensive web site on all issues where drivers are under attack. Their pages on the way environmental issues are twisted to denigrate cars appeals to me. Good links page too incl. Australian and Intnl. links.

Safe Speed  UK site promoting intelligent road safety

Australian Transport Safety Bureau

Safer Roads web site with useful information

WA Dept of Transport's Office of Road Safety, follow Research to statistical reports. Many links

New Zealand research

Fast and Safe a New Zealand site refuting shonky official propaganda about speed on our roads